Loose Leaf shirts by E for Effort

I know a 4-year-old that’s going to wear this shirt all summer. It’s one of the coolest shirts he’s ever had, and the fabric is as light as can be. More good news? There are cool adult versions too, in both classic and light burnout fabric. If I had daughter, she would be sporting this cool tote (maybe I could get it for myself? would it fly as a handbag?)

These awesome shirts are the product of the collaboration between artists Rachel Ostrow and Beka Goedde. The duo started E for Effort to create a product together every year. Their Loose Leaf apparel line began production in 2010, with different screen-printed items based on the classic white paper with blue horizontal lines and a red margin line.

In 2011 they continued working on apparel with Small Bubble and Big Bubble (kids shirt above), inspired by the simple and elegant pattern of bubble wrap. The designs again are clever and fun, and come in kids and adult sizes.

This year they have started venturing into jewelry with their Eraser line. I

The moral of this story? Great things happen when two creative minds get together.

Their products are available at Artware Editions.