Gotham Greens

Here’s a genius idea: set up greenhouses on the roof of a Greenpoint building, and grow organic vegetables and herbs year-round. Even in the winter months, when local vegetables are hard to find, you can now have delicious greens that come from just a few subway stops away.

The greenhouse started harvesting in June 2011 and since then they’ve been keeping my salads local, sustainable and fresh – courtesy of Freshdirect. They grow their vegetables hydroponically, meaning there is no need for soil as the nutrients that the plants need are delivered through irrigation. This is good for flavor, for the environment and for you (no thanks, pesticides!).

Their butterhead lettuce is my absolute favorite. The leaves are thick, soft and succulent. Add some nuts, dried currants, sprouts and avocado, and I’ll be over in a few minutes.

You can also find them at Union Market and the Greenpoint markets Brooklyn Standard and Natural Garden.