Lucisnail Handmade Cotton Bag

Uhm enough same-old forgettable canvas bags. Upgrade yourself to one of these beauties and you’ll never look back.

The Odd Luminary is a unique online curio shop run by husband & wife team Daniel Mather & Katherine Guttman. They curate a wonderful collection of art and handmade objects.

Kate has an incredible talent for fabrics. A self-declared plaid junkie, she has a line of tote bags that are not only gorgeous, but also incredibly sturdy.

I’ve had my Lucisnail bag for well over a year. This thing has taken quite a beating all over the US and Spain, carrying all the necessities that me and my two kiddos can’t seem to leave the house without – gallons of assorted beverages, snacks, diapers, trains / balls / books / sand toys, extra clothes, and of course keys-wallet-cellphone-lip balm. Thankfully Kate thought about poor forced hoarders like myself and added a side pocket, perfect for mama’s four things, minus the wallet. I have a grown up fat wallet now.

The quality and loving craftsmanship of this bag is well worth $46. Check out other models at The Odd Luminary’s Attic.